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My Story


Though I can't recall where I first encountered it, Tarot has always felt as common to me as water, or blood. For my eleventh birthday, I asked my parents for a Tarotist to attend my party. Perched excitedly on my knees, I hovered over her cards, feeling an instant affinity with the images spreading before my friends. I was filled with a shimmer of recognition, an intoxicating pins-and-needles sensation in waiting for the cards to turn.

This may be the aspect of Tarot that continues, after years of hundreds of readings, to fascinate me the most: no reading is ever the same. Every turn is a surprise, a magical, sheer unknown. Like time itself, the Tarot is a constantly recurring mechanism, containing within each moment the possibility of becoming.

Tarot returned to my life when I was a graduate student studying Humanities at the University of Chicago, where a talented friend gave readings to my creative writing group. It's no accident that many Tarotists are also writers and artists: as every spread contains a narrative (usually several), I have found some of the wisest and most brilliant interpreters of the deck to be storytellers. Now, I am able to demarcate my Chicago experience by the incredibly useful insights gleaned from my writer friend's cards.

It's funny how Tarot weaves effortlessly into our lives, becomes one with the moment of each minute, spreads beyond itself to capture the totality of our lived experience.

It wasn't until 2011, when I moved to Bloomington, Indiana, to attain another graduate degree, that I began studying Tarot in earnest.

Alongside Tarot, I have spent the past fourteen years writing fiction and non-fiction, curating literary magazines, and teaching Composition at the college level.



Due to the onset of COVID-19, all Tarot readings are currently done via phone or Zoom. I will contact you once you book your appointment to establish your preferred delivery method.

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The Cards

Before every reading, I cleanse the cards of previous readings and fill them with the intention to respond to you as a gentle guide. Rather than predictive readings presuming a knowable future, my cards work as conduits of advice in keeping with the benevolent forces surrounding us. I will bring to our reading my deck of choice, the widespread Rider-Waite (1909), created in response to the instructions of academic and mystic, A.E. Waite, by American-born illustrator Pamela Colman Smith. Weaving her intuitive gifts into her interpretations of Waite's ideas, Smith created images, particularly for the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana, uniquely rich in symbolic interpretation and detail.

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August is incredible. She is not only intuitive and brimming with wisdom and insight but also an amazing listener. I always feel seen, heard, and understood during our readings. She is deeply present throughout each session and I have come away from every reading with a better understanding of my experience and circumstances. August is patient and empathetic and she has an incredible intimacy with the cards themselves. She is able not only to offer detailed information on each card drawn but she also gives a comprehensive and illuminating analysis of the complete spread. Both honest and gentle, August combines intuition, empathy, imagination, and open-mindedness in every reading. I had questions about my life and situation, and I came away from our reading with new clarity and direction.

I recently had a Tarot reading with August in regards to a confusing relationship. I found that it freed up energy surrounding the relationship and gave me a new fresh perspective and deeper understanding of myself in relation to the person in question. It was as if a barrier was lifted and I am able to explore the relationship with renewed happiness and without fear. August gave a delightful reading and I felt her tuned-in energy and clarity very transforming.

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During readings, August creates a holy space in which every object and word is imbued with meaning. She is deeply intuitive, present, and attentive. She sees the connections the cards are pointing to instantly, and her accuracy is shocking.

My tarot reading was insightful, professional and thought provoking. It assisted me in looking at my situation from different angles and gave me clarity to move forward. I would highly recommend Tarot Gold.

August possesses the ability to see how the cards communicate with each other in context to our life and the things we ignore, due to denial or repression. Her kindness and generosity of spirit guides me to make better decisions based on what the cards are telling me and this is a scarce trait in the world that we live in, which makes me feel fortunate to have found her, for she is both a seer and a teacher.

I had several readings done from August and each one has been an incredible experience that has left me with surprise and comfort. She has a rare talent and a practice that really shows she cares for each of her clients!

August's readings have given me so much comfort in knowing that my "Big" questions CAN be answered, and that the universe is actually ON MY SIDE and HAS BEEN, guiding me all along. Not only do August's readings provide me with so much reassurance, I have also found a level of peace in knowing that I can trust the path I've paved for myself and my family. Instead of feeling nerve-racked and filled with anxiety, I have become peaceful. These readings are true gifts.

My previous two experiences with Tarot by two other readers were unimpressive. Both experiences left me with the impression that Tarot was a bunch of beautifully illustrated cards that ultimately lacked any sort of substance and in no way seemed to relate to my life. I thought that maybe Tarot was just a fun party game, but nothing that I would ever take seriously. That all changed when August offered to read my cards. The reading with August was on a completely different level than what I had experienced previously and I was astounded by her skill. Because of August, I now understand the benefits that Tarot can provide in helping you wherever you may be in your life. August's readings are knowledgeable, compassionate, and are done with an intention of love, healing, and support. I highly recommend having a reading done with August!

August gave me a transformative Tarot reading in Seattle that encouraged me to understand the project of writing less as a weirdly recursive, barely remunerative, unwinnable wrestling match, and more as a mystical practice akin to alchemy. She is a wise witch and now thanks to the magic of the internet you too can get a reading from her, no matter where you are.


I am not a fortune-teller. I do not believe the future is predictable. It is not my intention to use Tarot as a pronouncer of settled truths. As humans, at every moment, we have free will.

Like the winged Temperance angel card in the Major Arcana—a suit of 22 cards in the 78-card Tarot deck, revealing universal archetypes reflective of the human condition—I believe life flows most prosperously when we keep one "foot" in the water of the subconscious, with the other firmly rooted on the dry earth of the material world.

Though the insights we receive from the Tarot are rooted in a representation of our deep psychological truths and impulses, their intention is to serve us in the practical materiality of daily life.

Thousands of books have been written about Tarot; numerous works of art have been created in its name. As filmmaker and Tarotist Alejandro Jodorowsky writes in the preface to his book, The Way of Tarot, trying to write a book about this practice is "like trying to empty the sea with a fork."

This is the world where my Tarot lives--in metaphor, startling insight, and the great, glorious labyrinths of art.

In mentioning my practice, I have encountered attitudes that associate the Tarot with illicit, "dark" forces. Some associate it with the occult, the "devil," and demons. Some see it as directly opposed to Christianity.

The truth is that the Tarot originated in mid-fifteenth century Italy and France, as a jovial card game played amongst aristocrats. Great efforts have been made to unlock its true origins, and much has been written of its association with the Kaballah, how the 22 cards of the Major Arcana represent a letter in the Hebrew alphabet. But all alliances to these higher octaves of understanding are fundamentally unprovable. What we know for certain is that the Tarot--a word whose origin remains a mystery--is representative of the human condition and experience, and that the cards reflect back to us the intentions we place upon them.

Tarot knows no class, culture, or creed. I have read for business professionals and students, lawyers and artists.

The Tarot reflects the world we believe. I do not live in a world of ill will, violent curses, and spells. I live in a world of sanctity, compassion, and hard-won truth. I live in a world where benevolent forces aim for each of us to become, ever more and more each moment, exactly who we are.

It is with this spirit and intention that I cleanse my cards, and with which I will gratefully bring you ever closer to your truth.

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Photography by Katie Lomax